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A fundamental transformation, the future is open...

Despite the opening promise of both Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies has stuttered in recent years. Whilst the benefits are well known and the advantages of virtualized and automated are well documented, the final hurdles to live deployment are still proving challenging.

That said, it would be unfair to say that there has been no progress. During IIR’s inaugural Network Virtualization Forum in 2012 the questions focused around the “Why’s” and the “What’s”, whereas now we have moved to position where we are discussing the practical challenges of live deployment

Will 2015 be the year for real progress?

Already this year we have seen substantial progress! During MWC in February Telefonica announced a major new initiative to advance NFV (Project UNICA) and only a couple of weeks later AT&T made their intentions clear; 75% virtualization by 2020

Clearly there is progress being made!

Featured Speakers:

nv usa

IIR’s 4th Annual Network Virtualization Forum, North America returns to Dallas!

Bringing together more than 300 of the industry’s leading minds and innovators IIR’s 4th Annual Network Virtualization Forum, North America will answer the three most important questions for carriers throughout the world:

  1. How do we overcome the final roadblocks ahead of live deployment?
  2. Where do carrier business models need to evolve to cope with the new virtualized world?
  3. How can we monetize and build new revenue channels through SDN & NFV?

This years’ forum promises to be more interactive than ever, bringing you closer to the industry’s early adopters and thought leaders to ensure you can make the final steps towards virtualizations

Key features for 2015 include:

NV Usa key

3 days of workshops, forums, keynote sessions, debates, contests, demonstrations, case-studies, interviews, networking sessions and more will bring together more than 300 experts; all to provide attendees with comprehensive solutions and benchmarks to enable strategy & implementation planning.


Conferences like the SDN Summit are critical to establishing the use cases and problems facing operators, and consequently the direction of SDN development and ultimate solutions. [from SDN Summit]


SDN Summit was a great insight into the use cases of software defined networking, and helped to remove a lot of the hype that surrounds the technology, and was also a great way to meet other telecoms professionals facing the same challenges [from SDN Summit 2012]


Excellent organization of a very interesting event. Importantly, it offered a real chance for Operators, Vendors and other players in the Telco arena to share their views and discuss about the challenges and the opportunities offered by SDN and Virtualisation. Open-source software and standard hardware will play a significant role in the coming Industry transformation, so meeting also the Players of such fields, at these events, will be extremely valuable [from SDN Summit 2012]

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